All About Security From Sociology Viewpoint
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Brief Bio

- 2004, Specialized Ph.D. Program in the field of Sociology, Azad University (Science & Research Branch of Tehran)
Thesis: Research in Dimensions of Societal Security

- 1996, Master’s Degree Program in the field of Research on Social Science, Azad University (Roodehen Branch)
Thesis: Rules of Women in Science and Technology

- 1993, Bachelor Degree in the field of Social Science Teachership, Ferdowsi University (Mashhad)

- Sociological Theories
- Methodology of sociology
- Social change
- Social Psychology
- Social problems theory
- etc.

Specific research interests:
- Societal Security (unraveling the meanings of crime, threat, opportunity and social capital on security in society and the intellectual agenda is to enhance understanding of the relationships among security, pathos, interests and the structure of power, particularly concerning problems of society)

Research areas:
- the relationship between identity and security
- social order, social capital and security
- the significance of public opinion and public support on societal security
- the ideas of grand theorists on societal risk
- the social, cultural, and economic significance of the Sum on security

Manijeh Navidnia was born in 1964 in a middle town-family in Tehran. She was the first child and ended her primary school there, spent her secondary school in Isfahan and Tabriz, and studied her high school in Sa'di school in Mashhad that was the best school there at that time.
Simultaneity getting her experimental diploma, she married in 1982 in Mashhad and bore her first child 3 years after. Then, after reopening of universities and her friends' admissions in various universities, she tended to continue her education, but because of crowd of university entrants, she ignored the experimental examination and participated in humanities examination in 1988. She was admitted with degree 5 in filed "social science teachership" at Mashhad Ferdowsi University and resumed her education. She bore her second child in 1991 and two years after, she finished bachelor's degree. At the same time she was admitted with degree 1 at Islamic Azad University Roudehen branch and ended her study in "social science research" in 1996. In this year for getting fellowship from Islamic Azad University Gonabad branch, she started to work there as a full time faculty member. After three years cooperation with Gonabad University, she was admitted with degree 3 at Islamic Azad University, Science & Research Tehran branch, in 1999 for studying Ph.D. of "sociology". At the same year she began to collaborate with Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran branch (Valiasr Institution) and collaborated with Research institute of strategic studies simultaneously.
Introducing with Research institute of strategic studies resulted in her interest in strategic research and security. Her Ph.D thesis "A study on dimensions of societal security in family" was accomplished in this field. After graduation in 2004 and passing 6 years of collaboration with Islamic Azad University Central Tehran branch, she began to work with Islamic Azad university Garmsar branch as full time faculty member in 2005. However she continued her studies and researches in sociology in addition to teaching. The most of her scientific articles and research papers are related to security field. Publication of her first book "societal security" in 2009 indicates her professional efforts in social studies.