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Security Priorities of Citizens in Various Zones of Tehran
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
With emphasis on security models and considering utilization mode of various city places in Tehran, this survey studies the citizens' status in these places in regard of their security priorities

Police, Security and Family Institution
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
In modern society, family is not an autonomous and self governed institution and essentially depends on other institutions to supply many of its requirements, as it needs the police to provide security.

The Analysis of Relationship Between Social Conditions and Security Discourses
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
This article attempts to study the type of prevalent discourse in securitization of society with emphasis on social conditions

The police perspective; security and social capital
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
The police as one of the main supporters of security have a remarkable place and there is no doubt about perspective of its future role and function.

The Analysis of Relationship Between Situations of Walfare and Societal Security, A Study in Tehran
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
This research is studying the societal security with emphasis on welfare status variable and investigating the rate societal security at present conditions


Security and happiness


"For many people living has been nothing but struggle and conflict and nothing but problematic complexity. But there are always ways to escape, if we understand what is happening and timely prepare ourselves to make good behavior (Navidnia: 1997, 74)."Life has many up and downs that passing each level has its own difficulties and euphoria. child must try again and fall to the ground to walk, but when he finally walks, his existence is full of joy and happiness. This principle is true in all human action. Reward of effort and hard work, is joy and satisfaction that comes from achieving a goal. The joy and happiness is wage of effort that brought us to the goal. In other words, the power and energy that person has expended to reach his goals is rebuilt with joy and lost ability recovers again. Thus, instead of action done and power and potency expended, we need recovery that most part of it can realize by joys and pleasure. Now, if at the end of efforts and activities, we don't find happiness, certainly we will have nothing but exhausted body.
But I do not know why when we address security we do not remember anything than a tough, strong, dominant and powerful face? Security has became concomitant with difficulties, hardships, continuous effort, battles and oppositions, but other face of life that is joy, satisfaction, pleasure, relief, joy, beauty is not seen in it. Why security only focus on rationality, wisdom, prudence, and the struggles and there is no room for euphoria, happiness, grace and kindness that are other face of life? The answer may be that security system is far from the life and is so merged with power that it had no need to recovery and rebuild his lost forces. Security is so linked with power that not only doesn't lack power and energy, but also one of its major issues was how to spend on its military power. Therefore, maybe its immersion in power makes it never need to happiness, kindness, joy and vitality to be self-refresh and makes security be always stranger with beautiful face of life, with pleasure and joy.

Source: Navidnia, Manijeh (1997) “Social Satisfaction”, Gonabad: Quarterly Journal of Science & Research, Islamic Azad University Gonabad branch, Vol.2, No.3, Spring.
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