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Security Priorities of Citizens in Various Zones of Tehran
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
With emphasis on security models and considering utilization mode of various city places in Tehran, this survey studies the citizens' status in these places in regard of their security priorities

Police, Security and Family Institution
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
In modern society, family is not an autonomous and self governed institution and essentially depends on other institutions to supply many of its requirements, as it needs the police to provide security.

The Analysis of Relationship Between Social Conditions and Security Discourses
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
This article attempts to study the type of prevalent discourse in securitization of society with emphasis on social conditions

The police perspective; security and social capital
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
The police as one of the main supporters of security have a remarkable place and there is no doubt about perspective of its future role and function.

The Analysis of Relationship Between Situations of Walfare and Societal Security, A Study in Tehran
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
This research is studying the societal security with emphasis on welfare status variable and investigating the rate societal security at present conditions


Security and War


There were several times in history that states engaged in war to protect the security and immunity of citizens from the dangers and threats. In fact, the solution of destroying the enemy that can be dangerous and can threat the life and property of people, was the clashes and confrontation; Conflicts and clashes that maybe the pushed back the enemy, but its fearful atmosphere, regardless of the its damages, losses and slaughter that brings the pain to every human heart, will never forget. Although "in modern societies with the assumption of decrease in foreign threats and military assaults, the impacts of internal elements to create and fixing secure circumstances is more and therefore the situation of groups and society classes has been considered (Navidnia: 2004, 28)" but there is also some relations between security and the war.

Although in basic definitions of security it said that security means situations without war (), but why talk of war is used to define security. In security definition there is no words of kindness and compassion, of peace and friendship. Perhaps because of this it must find in this fact that the security is also concomitant with force and power tools, and is based on political weapons and military strategies, just like war. Perhaps the same people (politicians) have decided to take the war and legitimated use of power equipment, are the same people who decide to realization security and use force tools. Maybe those policies and tactics are used to combating enemies, are also used to securitization. Perhaps as much as the ugly and bitter face of life is clear in war and humanity is forgotten there, in confronting crimes and inelegance, humans are too forgotten and cruelty and punishment become bold as much.
What surprised! But the fact is that the securitization mechanism has no essential different with war. What surprised! But the fact is that violence and coercion are central to winning the war and this violence is lead to the realization of the security. What surprised! But the fact is that in war, friendship will disappear and in securitization, human will lose and miscue will emerge.
Where we go wrong? Perhaps the rethinking and redefinition of securitization process is a requirement that society needs it today more than security realization.

Source: Navidnia, Manijeh (2004) “Research in Dimensions of Societal Security”, Tehran: Islamic Azad University, Science & Research Tehran branch, sociology Ph.D. thesis.
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