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Security Priorities of Citizens in Various Zones of Tehran
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
With emphasis on security models and considering utilization mode of various city places in Tehran, this survey studies the citizens' status in these places in regard of their security priorities

Police, Security and Family Institution
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
In modern society, family is not an autonomous and self governed institution and essentially depends on other institutions to supply many of its requirements, as it needs the police to provide security.

The Analysis of Relationship Between Social Conditions and Security Discourses
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
This article attempts to study the type of prevalent discourse in securitization of society with emphasis on social conditions

The police perspective; security and social capital
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
The police as one of the main supporters of security have a remarkable place and there is no doubt about perspective of its future role and function.

The Analysis of Relationship Between Situations of Walfare and Societal Security, A Study in Tehran
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
This research is studying the societal security with emphasis on welfare status variable and investigating the rate societal security at present conditions


Security and Freedom


Freedom as well as security is a requirement that is as extensive as human maturity and is increasingly has many various dimensions and forms. In the past, in according to the assumption that "The increased level of freedom results in the increased possibility of committing crimes and more crimes results in reducing security", relation of security and freedom was contradictory and paradoxical.

In fact, freedom was seemed more negative and minded fear from getting people out of control. But gradually accepting human maturation, the negative aspects of freedom declined and positive aspects such as innovation, creativity, renewal, etc. were emphasized. Hence, in today's world there is no inverse relation between freedom and security and conversely, one of security standards is to enjoy people from freedoms. Maybe it is difficult to accept it for someone who believes that achieving security is possible only in the shadow of social control. But the reality is that today's adult humans, has ability to control himself or herself and enjoy freedom like any other gifts related to human wishes. Freedom advocators believe that if we still see shortcomings in the human actions and behavior, it is not due to having freedom, but because of lack of maturity, and perhaps happened due to undue control on the people. So that post positivists consider the amount of having freedom as criteria for security and mention signifying security. "Semantic field of security in post positivist schools has obtained the special human aspects that are liberty and toleration. According to these theorists, security is achieved when every human person is free to choose their way of life and can obtain everything they get with insight and understanding (Navidnia: 2010, 92)".

Source: Navidnia, Manijeh (2010) "Security Priorities of Citizens in Various Zones of Tehran", Garmsar: Quarterly Journal of Human Geography, Vol.2, No.2, spring.
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