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Security Priorities of Citizens in Various Zones of Tehran
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
With emphasis on security models and considering utilization mode of various city places in Tehran, this survey studies the citizens' status in these places in regard of their security priorities

Police, Security and Family Institution
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
In modern society, family is not an autonomous and self governed institution and essentially depends on other institutions to supply many of its requirements, as it needs the police to provide security.

The Analysis of Relationship Between Social Conditions and Security Discourses
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
This article attempts to study the type of prevalent discourse in securitization of society with emphasis on social conditions

The police perspective; security and social capital
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
The police as one of the main supporters of security have a remarkable place and there is no doubt about perspective of its future role and function.

The Analysis of Relationship Between Situations of Walfare and Societal Security, A Study in Tehran
Dr. Manijeh Navidnia
This research is studying the societal security with emphasis on welfare status variable and investigating the rate societal security at present conditions


Security and People I


People is a general and big concept that because of its applicability to any class and group, has many uses and can be suitably applied for national, regional and international profits. Governments can justify their actions in the name of people, and other governments can take same actions into question in the name of people. The concept of people has so great range that that is expected to justify any kind of movement and action under it.
Thus, in the modern governments, the word citizen was replaced the word people to determine the scope of demands and rights between individuals and the government. Actually, civil rights in addition to clarifying the conditions of interactions between government and people, is a criterion with which it is possible to evaluate the government's actions and behavior of citizens and assess the severity of the weakness of shortcomings.
With this description, for providing security, there was never any word about people's security and governments are responsible to provide security for their citizens. "Public security or citizen security is subset of homeland security; it means that when the issues are domestic affairs and the base is conditions of the people, problems of the people, and their public welfare... levels of public security or citizen security... set boundaries with both negative and positive approaches and distinguishes by categories threats and opportunities... threats to citizen security in negative discourse include crimes... But positive discourse considers the quality level of citizens' life... and defines security along with the relative welfare of citizens (Navidnia: 2007, 40)".

Source: Navidnia, Manijeh (2007) "Supra-security and Intra-security Fields Regarding internal Security", Tehran: quarterly of public security, Vol. 3, No. 4&5, Autumn & Winter.
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