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Security is one of the best blesses and the most essential needs of society which the people in society should have it. Security is the feeling of tranquility and complete assurance toward present and future time so that there is no concern for any affairs. The existence of weaknesses and instabilities in each of the affairs of society will damage the people's feeling of tranquility and assurance. In addition to the general concept of security that is complete immunity against any type pf aggression and lies in line with collective responsibilities of all individuals and organizations.
This concept has various levels that include societal security too.
Societal security lies in the midway between individual and national securities. Societal security which seeks establishment of security within the framework of social groups and the manner of interaction among them came into the focus of attention following the revolution of communications, emergence of powerful non-governmental foundations, opening of the windows of cultural communications, increasing level of awareness of the public. In fact societal security was a modern perspective about security in which social components have a prominent role in evolution, establishment and continuation of security.
But despite the fact that today the word societal security is used in great extend but so far no comprehensive and clear definition has been given for societal security and the position of security in not clear in sociological approaches. On the other hand social and cultural changes have created new demands and needs for the people particularly regarding security aspect. So in order to give a proper answer and provide a logical response to these needs we need to define a modern security perspective.

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